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We craft digital products by always investing in people, design, and code to deliver software experiences that humans find exceptional.

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UI / UX design & Testing

During the UX/UI stage, our designers create the UX and UI design for mobile and web apps. Using moodboarding and preparing several UI concepts, we make sure the client and the users love the visual design of the future product.

App development

We make the design come alive by crafting our app using React Native and AWS services. In the end we have a mobile app for iOS, Android or the web. Ready to take the world by storm.

Online marketing

Once the MVP of the app has gone live we help you build a marketing strategy using Facebook ads; that will convert your visitors into clients. This is when you get to test your hypothesis with the live market and see if your target audience like your idea for real.


How much does an app cost?

The average price of building a small mobile app for iOS and Android with full backend infrastructure and a design will cost you approximately €4000.

A medium sized app including design, user experience and content with full backend infrastructure will cost you between €10000-€30000. Large and more complicated apps are divided into quarterly deliverables and will cost between 30000€-60000€.

The cost will always depend on scope, complexity, efforts, duration and current demand among other factors. Please discuss your needs for accurate prices and timelines.

Small apps take about a month. Medium apps about 3 months and large apps can be an ongoing process for up to a year. It depends on the specifity of the features and the project requirements.
Everyone is on Facebook today and it has the power to market to any niche and that with excellence. We do not want to be a jack of all trades when it comes to social media marketing and that’s why we specifically work with Facebook ads so that we can ensure best quality and results for our clients. So that they can win more! Which is what we ultimately want.

Absolutely. We excel at being a strategic partner in the early days of the project. We possess great design and project management skills that can help you with user experience, content, design, prototyping and initial user testing; so that you can validate your ideas with your audience prior to development.

Our deliverables to the developer team consists of a mockup using either Adobe XD, Figma or Sketch along with complimentary design documentation. At Myrmidon we love the Adobe suite so we make designs in Photoshop, Illustrator and animations in After effects when needed.


Myrmidon has been a trusted ally, becoming an integral part of our team while we developed and launched the example brand. The team is technically skilled and collaborative, and their work is consistent. Clients can expect a communicative partner with excellent development skills.

Peter Ivetun


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Myrmidon AB

Myrmidon AB is an App design, development & marketing agency based in Stockholm. We craft beautiful app experiences for mobile & web using modern web technologies.

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