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Hi. We’re Myrmidon.

We are a one-stop app agency for brands in tech, finance and healthcare. Having worked with startups and entrepreneurs for 5+ years; we offer all the necessary expertise to bring your bold idea to market.

We are obsessed with helping companies get their solutions to the people who need them most.

Why pick us? We help you through the entire process; from idea, design, development, testing to marketing. Our proven system will get you from A to B, and you have our team’s full support and commitment. Expect sharp strategic guidance, deep creativity, and a relentless focus on execution.

Why Myrmidon

Great app design and marketing? It’s harder than you think.

See if these problems ring a bell.

Creating an app strategy is overwhelming. Where do you even start?
Is your app idea unique? Are there any similar apps on the app store that threaten your existence? Can you find any loopholes in their way of doing things that can give you a competitive edge on the market? Hey we know, starting out can be discouraging and scary at times; trying to make that business idea come true. Luckily that’s where we can come in and really be a strategic partner that can assist you and help you through the most critical steps of your business.
You’ve got an app already and it works well enough. At least as far as you can tell. Is it really worth updating? The truth is that without a high-performing app you’re leaving brand value, qualified leads, and conversions on the table. Our team can create an app that will build your business for the long haul.
You can have a billion dollar idea but if there is no one there to find it - who would know? Marketing your app once it has gone live is absolutely critical to building success. But where to start? Launching your app idea and testing it with your audience is just the beginning. Having your MVP out is where the real game begins; to validate your hypothesis with the real market to match your business goals. Our team will help you navigate the rabbit hole and create a marketing strategy using Facebook Ads. With experience we believe this is the most powerful way for most niches to help business owners convert visitors into clients.
Here’s how it usually goes. Your CEO and other team members need to focus on product, sales, and fundraising at the same time you need to go-to-market. So what’s the best use of your team’s time? And what are they good at? Outsourcing execution to the Myrmidon team keeps you doing what you do best. Because marketing is what we do best.

Where we can add value

UI / UX Design & Testing

We help you validate your ideas research your customer base and design an app that will stand out!

App Development

We make the design come alive by building and testing the app for iOS, Android or the web.

Online Marketing

Once the MVP of the app has gone live we help you convert your visitors into clients using Facebook ads.

Myrmidon AB

Myrmidon AB is an App design, development & marketing agency based in Stockholm. We craft beautiful app experiences for mobile & web using modern web technologies.

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